Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Goals For 2013

I'm not a big one for new years resolutions. I never stick to them, and people always come up with the same thing (me included). So this year, inspired by the blogosphere, I'm creating a list of things that I want to happen in 2013. Some are things I should be doing and am too lazy too (heh) and others are things I strongly believe will make my life a happy place. Hopefully I will be able to show over the year that I am achieving these goals! If not you lovely people can tell me off ;)

1. Blog more! I've gotten a bit lazy over the ol' blogging recently. It's something I really love doing and now that my shifts in work will give me more time, I will be blogging a hella lot more! I'm aiming to start with at least 3 times a week.

2. Take more time to notice and appreciate the good things.  Too many great moments pass me by. I feel I have concentrated for too long on the things that need improving, and this needs to change.

3. Learn to play the ukulele. Ooooh this is one I'm super excited for! More on this very soon :)

4. Do at least one craft project a week. I miss crafting. Work and winter got the better of me. I will craft my little heart out this year! And share it all with you of course ;) Lots and lots of wedding DIY's need to be done too.

5. Think about how I can use my talents to make a few extra pennies. I'm pretty nifty when it comes to crochet, graphic design and more... I really should put my skills to use. How do you guys do this?

6. Practise Photoshop skills. I used to be awesome, now I'm alright... I will be better! I love Photoshop.

7. Stay organised. I'm talking diaries, wall charts, colour coding, new pens, drawer dividers, time management, blog lists!

8. Get a new job. Long long LONG overdue.

9. Ebay. I have too many things I just don't need or use. Ebaying things will give me more room and funds for pretty new things ;)

10. Take more photographs and learn. I want to be a better photographer, I will be instagram-ing my heart out and spending lots of time with my new love - my Diana F+ CMYK (swooooon).

11. Thrift more. I hope to find every thrift store possible and go to a LOT of car boots and vintage fairs.

12. Be healthy. OK I couldn't help but put this one in. I need to shed a good few pounds and eat healthier. I would really like to start running!

13. GET MARRIED! Holy moley. I suppose this isn't really a goal... but there are a LOT of things to be planned and prepped. I will try not to go wedding crazy on here... but it IS only 214 days away y'all!!!!! So much to do!!!

What are your goals? I have seen some great ones out there this year.