Monday, 22 October 2012


We've lived in this flat for just over a year now. When we moved it was a bit of a rush, and although there were a (large) handful of imperfections, we moved in as it was big, cheap and in the perfect place. We rent so I decided after a month or so that maybe we shouldn't start the list until we had a better idea of what 'the plan' was.

Like I said, we've been here just over a year now, and plan to stay for up to another two years! Time to get sorting right? Due to the rushing, everything we owned was either Ikea or someone's spare. Don't get me wrong, I love both these things! But we had nothing special if you get me? Nothing we thought 'wow!' and bought. 

Until now that is! I've been ebaying and carbooting hunting for great pictures, furniture, blankets.... We are finally starting our collection of treasured items :). I got an awesome cabinet off ebay for £3! It was a bit ugly so we painted it white and added pastel ombre style colours to the doors. We are still missing the middle glass piece which will be white, and the two centre white drawers are going to have vintage paper on them. Hopefully it will look good! 

The picture isn't very good quality! My camera has broke so I'm using my iPhone for the foreseeable future. Oh and can you spot Monty the Yeti in the middle? I totally made him. Yep.

We have a few other bits and pieces too, like a retro wood drop-leaf dining table. It's only a twosie and it looks like its straight from a cafe! Too cute. And you can just see the corner of our striped chair in that picture. Something i'd really like are some wire baskets, I see bloggers with huge ones used as side tables or made into vinyl cabinets. I swear I just can't find any in England. 

I love collecting new pieces for our home, but it's going to be a long process!