Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Embracing My Inner Grandma

Firstly, I'd just like to say how I LOVE the way some people over the pond call their Grandma's mee-maw. Cute or what?! Personally, I call mine Grammie. And shes awesome.

This week I've been loving the fact it's been getting dark earlier. I've been working later shifts so it's been dark when I leave, and I love it! The clocks haven't even gone back yet! I really don't understand why people get grumpy about dark evenings all Autumn/Winter. If it was hot out I'd understand - but when it's frosty out its beautiful. Where would the fun be on Bonfire Night if it was light?! Erm hellooo.

So it's almost 6pm here and the sun is falling asleep. Liam is still at work as he works pretty much none stop from September to New Years. I miss him terribly. It's much better when there's two of you under the blanket. I've got a wee glass of sherry and I've tucked into the Christmas box of Cadbury Fingers - don't judge me! I couldn't help it!! I ordered the shopping online and it came last night (we had the loveliest guy deliver it!) and when I was ordering it all they had sooo many Christmas treats half price! I bought a big box of fingers and a super cute vintage looking Jacobs tin filled with savoury crackers. Yum!

I went off on a snackery tangent there didn't I?

I started a new crochet project, I really want to make a cute little Christmas light bulb garland to hang on my dresser. I've got about 5 bulbs done so far in bright green, purple and blue. I want to add red and yellow too but I'll have to wait till payday for some more wool. On the bright side, I found a website that sells my favourite wool in loads of colours! There's only two shops by me that stock it and they're almost always out. I found a pattern for the bulbs online, but I've tweaked the 'metal' bit as I wasn't keen on theirs.

I saw the most beautiful hair on Pinterest this week. I really love this colour! I'm desperate to change something about my hair at the moment. It's longer than it's been since I was little and I love that, but it's starting to feel really BLAH. I want a full fringe again, and more layurrrrs.

Oh! As promised, here is the AMAZING photographer we booked for the wedding :). We saw so so many posts with his awesome photos through my fave wedding blogs, and every one made us oooh and aah! In the end... it was a no brainer ;)