Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hello Autumn

I think its pretty safe to say Autumn is here. This week the leaves were suddenly beautiful hues of red, orange and yellow and starting to pile on the pavements. It seems everybody says this, but Autumn is by far my most favorite season. I love beginning to wrap up warm and putting my boots on! I love all the beautiful colours people wear in Autumn. I love hot chocolates by the fire with Liam. I love breaking out the cozy scented Yankee Candles (yeah I lit Mulled Wine and Welcome Christmas... maybe jumping ahead of myself a little there :p). We also made our first pumpkin soup yesterday! I just love love love it! What are your favorite things about this season?

We finally had some wedding breakthrough's the last week! I was starting to think we were destined to not get married ha! We went to the Town Hall and gave our notice, I found some awesome bridesmaid dresses, saw a wedding dress I really like AND we think we have our photographer! This has definitely been the most stressful part so far. We have seen lots of photographers we like, but they were too expensive or booked up or only hung round for a few hours. Can you believe someone actually quoted me £22,000.00 for photography?! This didn't even include travel! Anyhoo, I will link up the photographer when the contract is signed as I don't want to jinx things ;). I'm glad I saw a dress I liked, i've been trying pretty hard to avoid this area and I still have no intentions to try something on any time soon - but it's a start! I change my mind far too often to start looking yet, knowing me I will find 'the one' straight away and then despise it next year! We started collecting blankets too, found the above beauties for £5 each at a vintage fair.

Hope you had a wonderful week, love