Sunday, 6 September 2015

Adventures In Homebrew

My husband and I quite like a tipple. Now don't be taking this to mean we are often drunken fools... we just love us some good wine/gin/cider/port//whiskey (I could go on). However, other than making our own Bailey's each Christmas, we have never ventured into any other sort of homebrewing. We have good friends who are wizards at this sort of stuff and who often gift us beautiful homemade drinks . 

We discovered this week that one particular walk nearby is riddled with wild berries. We had just missed raspberry season and the elderberries are weren't ready, but the blackberries were out in full force. I have never seen such huge quantities of deliciously ripe hedgerows! We filled the only receptacles we had about our persons - emergency poo bags from my sister's pocket.

At the time we had no idea what we were going to make with them, as we are currently midway through Whole30. A massive haul like this needed to be used for something epic! The perfect idea eventually struck - blackberry brandy. Not strictly homebrew... more of home flavoured liqueur perhaps? Either way, we could enjoy making it immediately and have it ready just in time for Christmas.

Our googling led us to the Two Thirsty Gardeners who had a fabulous looking recipe and we got straight to work. Don't the blackberries look scrumptious as they begin to bleed into the sugar?! Phwoar. 

As always, Neville was a fabulous little helper. This cat cracks me up. He is just so laid back ALL the time! 

The brew is now safely tucked away in the little pantry under our stairs. I will report back at Christmas with the results. In the meantime, we are hoping to make some limoncello and gin. Have you ever made your own brews? What recipes did you try and how did they turn out?