Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Red Cups & A&E

Something awesome? Having our first red cups on my birthday :) And if that wasn't great enough, they were buy one get one free! So of course we had to get venti's. I had a gingerbread late which was DELISH but definitely not as gingerbready as I was expecting. Liam had a toffee nut latte - and they mixed our names up as you could probably have guessed ha. We grabbed them quick on the way to my Dad's for birthday raclette & wine. I'm a pretty big food fan, I'll eat almost anything - but if it involves cheese I'm totally in 100% ;)

This little cutie is my fiance Liam. Although this picture was from early summer, I think it will always be one of my favorites. One of those happy candid moments :)

I had a pretty poopy phone call in the early hours this morning. Liam called saying he had gotten really ill in work and they had to call an ambulance to take him to A&E. He had been in the hospital all night hooked up to a drip, but was feeling a little better now and expected to be discharged soon. Why he refused to call me earlier I do not know! They couldn't find anything wrong so put it down to exhaustion from work. That's kinda what happens when you work 16 hour night shifts and frequently forget to eat and drink! I'm hoping that with some good sleep, food and water he should be back to normal soon.

I took this picture the week we got together, seven and a half years ago.